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Franky Wang



Mobile UX/UI Design

Virtual art creation in the subways with your finger and smartphone.

About the Project

"Platform" is a painting game app designed for commuters to virtually paint and collect doodles while they are taking subways. Being simple and fun, the app creates users a delightful experience to participate in an virtual art collaboration.

Design Challenge

How to make sure the app still functional without signals between subway stops?

What brings commuters more joyful experience but with less operation?

Design Duration


Individuall Project

November 2017 - December 2017

(4 Weeks)

Design Practices

Design Tools

User research


Rapid prototyping

User test

Visual design

Interactive prototype

Presentation video


Adobe Photoshop


Final Cut

编组 2.png


Subway riding is not all about boring games on your smartphone.

"Platform" is a painting game app for commuters to collaborate and indirectly interact by painting and collecting while they are taking subways. 

The domain comes from the life experiences of frequent subway riders, including me. We spend a lot of time underground during our weekdays, and in most cases, we do nothing except looking at our phones, no matter on the platform or in the subway cars. It’s kind of frustrated and boring, so I was considering if anything can be created to change their feelings underground.

From domain to final outcomes, the individual project work lasted for a whole month.

Some further researches are generated upon the domains, which led to the specialties of the product. There is no signal between stations, so the operation should mostly base on platform area. Also, the weak internet access makes real-time interaction less stable in this case. And passengers definitely need a simple and handy operation. Last but not least, the real using scenario should perfectly match the interface based on the movement.

Design Values

Message board for expressing feelings

​Pokemon Go based on GIS

Simple TIC TAC TOE game in the station

Ping Pong game installed on two sides of a pedestrian crossing


According to the design target and pre-research, I generated the workflow of the function. With main functions corresponding the using scenario. The functions all have strong connections with the real scenario in the subway. A draft of story board is also included, for a better understanding of the user experience. 

The paper prototypes, user tests and feedbacks


For the visual design part. Since it’s a game app based on the underground space, I created the interface in a bright and warm color with a clear style. Just making it to be pressure released for users, and friendly in operation.

Visual design and user mockup


In this version, I just created a simple function without more completed effects, which will be updated further. Also, the APP is presented based on a demo, I will learn more about the swift code later, and figure out how to realize most functions of the APP.

As for the concept, I’m still considering if there are more possibilities to make it more playful in interaction, maybe not limited in visual effect, but with sound and vibration or even more. It’s not completed but I really learnt a lot in the 4 weeks. I will sure to carry on to make the project more perfectly in the future.

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