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Franky Wang

Dark Whirlpool


Experimental Filmmaking

About the Project

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This is an experimental video clip consists of strong light, iron handrail, layers of stairs. All the elements change their shadows by the movement of lights. Finally, the shadow on the wall makes up a mysterious and strange scene.

This is a strange underground space.

All the order and gradation was weakened.

Shadow becomes no longer a dependency on lights.

Drown in this dark world, the light becomes so menial.

Stairs lose their order, the metal loses its sharpness.

All the objects disappear between the boundary of black and white.

When the light goes off, dark governs all.

Nothing has ever occurred like it was.

All those bizarre, thrilling scenes, goes away with lights.

Just like it has never ever happened.

Zixuan Gu

Franky Wang

Oct​ 2016 (1 Week)

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