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About web design projects

As a freelance web designer, I have commercial web design experience for various industries. Detailed introductions are listed below.

Design Practices

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Visual Design

Web development

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A web design contract project for NYer, a job-hunting training provider company. The website is an updated version of their previous one, created a brand new color theme with all the visual elements been updated. The floating visual clues are attached throughout the website, expressing the company's concept of building a smooth connection between student and their career paths.

Individual Project 01/2021

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A fully functional website designed for a restaurant in New York City, emphasizing the style of Nouvelle Cuisine by creating the color palette of gold and dark blue. Recreated the web framework and highlighted the visual attractions of the dishes.

Individual Project  11/2019

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A web design project for a real estate company during the 2020 spring internship. The website is an updated version of their previous one, designed with more business visual elements and more organized text & image layout.

Individual Project 02/2020

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A web design contract project for an education and immigrant advising company in early 2021. The website was newly created to provide their service content and success stories. With the color theme of light yellow and violet-blue, it combines the modern style and energetic vibe altogether to emphasize customer's activeness and contributions to students' success.

Individual Project 05/2021

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