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Web Design for NYER


About the Project

This is a web design contract project for NYER, a career mentor company. The website is an updated version of their previous one, created a brand new color theme with all the visual elements being updated. The floating visual clues are attached throughout the website, expressing the company's concept of building a smooth connection between student and their career paths. The project is mostly individual, with continuous discussion and feedback sessions with the business owner, listening to their request and achieving his business goal.

Design Practices

Design Researches


Rapid Prototype

High-fidelity prototype

Web UI design

Follow up maintenance

Design Tools

Wix Online Tool


Adobe Photoshop

Web Design Project

Design Duration

Feburary - April 2021


Wave Accessibility Tool

Website reference of related industry

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The target is to create a modernized version website for NYER, to present its business value, and convey to the user their previously achieved goals in the past projects.

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Company Value

Match company’s principle of empowering student’s career with a more intelligent method, while conveying the professional methodology of company’s service to the customer.

Business Value

Present the service and domains in a clear and structured way.

Highlight the past successful client cases.

Design Value

Update to a more modernized visual style that catches the client’s interest.

Reorganize the information and build a clear user flow with hierarchies.

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I started by reviewing their primary version of the website and observed some problems. As a first-time viewer, I valued all my observations a lot and took as many notes as possible. I made a summary and categorized the problem I found into 6 categories.

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So with those observed problems, I communicated with the client again and asked them about their ideas of the company’s value. Also, I asked them about the target customers, and they told me most groups are new grad students and people for job switching. 

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Based on the information above, I did lots of research on education and consulting websites and deep-dived into their user flows and UIs.

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The direction becomes clear after the research, and I summarized the design direction into the following 5 principles. Color and font needs to be consistent and limited in types, information should be clear and précised, CTA should stand out. Images should be replaced and get involved with actual business and clients, and the white space should be considered in the new design as well.

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With that direction, I iterated the design solution into more specific details and assisted with some brainstorming process. All the details of layouts, colors, fonts are planned ahead for the next step of prototype.

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Regarding the information architecture, I summarized a large amount of information from their current website and set them into 4 columns. Homepage, service, success project cases, and their latest courses. In each column, the corresponding information finds its home clearly in the new user flow and avoided the problem of losing hierarchy in the previous version.

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Then I started with a rapid prototype of 4 columns and asked the client their opinions about the color theme and the basic layout. After several rounds of discussion, I chose yellow and gray colors as the main color platte to match the company’s specialty of young and high-efficient style.

屏幕快照 2022-05-04 上午12.13.01.png

High fidelity prototype for client review

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屏幕快照 2022-05-04 上午12.19.38.png


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Business pages

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This website received very positive feedback and greatly improved the client’s brand identity and gets their new information promoted. With a follow-up conversation, I heard they got 20% more impressions than the previous version.


As for my self, this is a common workflow for all my individual design projects, starting from effective research, thorough evaluation and in-depth communication with customer, I clearly understood what they need and how to improve. Also this task was completed in a month, so I am able to control the process in a time-sensitive condition and finally achieve the goal of design.

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